Types of Bankruptcy and how we can help you

Best Choice Motors has bankruptcy auto loan programs to fit everyone’s unique situation. If you are in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, we can help. We have Indiana bankruptcy programs in the Lafayette and surrounding area that can get customers back on the road today. We harness leverage power on bankruptcy lending auto loan programs against each other to help you get your best loan possible. Best Choice Motors $99 down payment programs works for people with good credit in the past, preferably an auto loan that was paid as agreed for at least a year. If you had that auto loan for a long time, then put it in your bankruptcy, you may still qualify. Most of the programs require a base income $2,000-$3,000/month gross income so you will need to make sure you have proof of income. Typically the last 2-4 paycheck stubs will be satisfactory with our BK loan providers.

What types of cars, trucks and SUVS qualify for Bankruptcy Auto Loans in Indiana

Reliable, new and equitable vehicles are best for our Bankruptcy auto loan programs. They are designed to get you a vehicle that gets you to and from work, so that you can make your car payment on time. Typically, the lender will require that the vehicle be no more than 7or 8 years old and have less than 100,000 miles or so. We have great warranty programs available, contact us for full details. If you need transportation and live around the Atchison area we can arrange that as well, give one of our finance specialists a call and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Will I need to have a co-signer?

This is a very common question we get regarding past or current Bankruptcy financing. The answer is no in most situations. Since we don’t know anything about your personal credit situation at this time we recommend you contact us at (765) 771-7173. We are located at 2901 Teal Road, Lafayette, IN 47905 We offer all types of car models. If you want to find out if a cosigner is needed for a bankruptcy or bad credit auto loan let us know your situation.

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